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We follow the medieval roads to the Green and the Denburn Valley..

Starting at Shiprow, Aberdeen’s oldest named street, we follow the medieval roads to the Green and the Denburn Valley, crossing the route of the famous Bow Brig, reaching the Corbie Well, the water supply for the lost community of Mutton Brae, where missionary, Mary Slessor was born.  Entering Gilcomston, we view the Spa Well and the site of the Play Green, instituted by local portrait painter, George Jameson, we learn of the Celtic/Pictish subjects of Gillecoaim MacMurdeach who gave his name to the area.  We finish at Hill Street, just off Rosemount Place and near Skene Square School, and go back 10,000 years to the end of the last Ice Age and hear of our hunter-gatherer ancestors who made their summer camps on the hill above the Denburn and Gilcomston Burn.

Starting point: Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow
End point: Hill Street, Rosemount
Terrain: mostly on pavements; stairs at Union Terrace Gardens, Trinity Centre; hills - Gilcomston Steps (uphill),Windmill Brae (uphill), Shiprow (gentle downhill) 

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