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Founded 1 July 2011 - Hidden Aberdeen started life as a photographic group encouraging people to submit images of the distinctly non-tourist side of Aberdeen; the group had over 1,000 members and over 2,000 images, some documenting the most recent changes in the city including the building of Union Square shopping mall; the refurbishment of Marischal College and the unveiling of the new statue of King Robert the Bruce.  Others have shared historical images from local books and authors including the work of George Washington Wilson, perhaps the city's most famous photographer.  

Now we offer regular themed walking tours which highlight Aberdeen's forgotten and hidden history.  We now have a huge array of events including history walks, paranormal investigations and our indoor storytelling events. 

Paranormal Investigations - new for winter 2019

Working with local paranormal investigators, Hidden Aberdeen will host real-life "ghost hunts" in places throughout the city and shire. Our investigators have years of experience and have worked with high-profile psychics. Dr Brown, our director, holds a PhD in Scottish Folklore, and has a background in local lore, ghost stories and superstitions.  We will be inviting local psychic mediums to join us in exploring the unexplained and supernatural.  These investigations will consist of very small groups, maximum 20, and will happen whenever we are able to organise them.  They also will be priced much higher than normal tours and events, this is due to the unpredictable nature of the investigations and the need for additional insurance.  Keep an eye out for these new events! 


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Hidden Aberdeen Tours (founded 2011) is wholly owned by Dr Fiona-Jane Brown as a sole-trading operation which occasionally works with contractors.

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